Tuesday, September 22, 2009

And THIS is Why ...

This comment made my heart smile -- not because of something I did, but because God allowed me to share something that saved another family money -- friends, in fact. I LOVE when God works His magic. :-) My friend Susan told me this weekend that she heard a speaker say that he always thought, growing up, that miracles were something God did, then as he got older, he realized that miracles were something God allowed us to do. I love when God lets me step out of the way personally and help -- and THAT is why I do THIS blog.

I was downtown today and thought I will see if this H*arris T*etter coupon thing really works. So me and 3 kids went in and got the card, and with coupons in hand we set out. I bought things that I only had coupon for and we use. Purchase price was $41.57. OOP was only.....$16.xx. roughly $1 per item. Not bad when everything was name brand and regular price was usually over $3. I was so happy. Thanks for the encouragement, keep it up.


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