Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Get $20 Savings at Harris Teeter in Belle Meade

The Belle Meade Harris Teeter (located across from St. Thomas in Nashville) has a special deal going in their pharmacy through October 31. Fill or transfer any NEW prescription to their pharmacy and you will get a $20 credit (on your VIC card) to use on a future purchase at Harris Teeter. This does NOT have to be used in the pharmacy -- it can be used at the store. SO.... if you get a prescription and are in the area, keep this in mind. I picked up two Rxs today (for one time meds) and got $40 in credits that I will save to use in the next doubles or triples event. YAY! I would have had to buy and pay for the meds anyway, so this was a great way to save a little extra!!

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