Monday, September 21, 2009

"But I Live in the Sticks"

I hear frequently people saying to me, "I'll try to use coupons, but I don't have the stores you have and we don't have triple coupons."

That's a fair problem. However, I think that you can still save money using coupons. Start to look at those coupons as CASH in your hands, because that's what they are. It is also a marketing tool to be used by stores to get you into the store, so be aware of that as well. They want your coupons and you want to save money. It's often a "wait and see" deal to see if you can get the best deal out of your coupon.

First rule -- do NOT buy something just because you have a coupon unless you are CERTAIN you will use it OR it is free (then you can give it to the food pantry at church or to another family who might actually need/use it).

If your store does not double or triple coupons (and many do, you just have to ask if they do), you can still use your coupons when things are on sale and get good deals.

If you follow the link to A Full Cup, you will find a long list of stores. Click on the store you shop at and there will be a LONG list of posts from other shoppers who have found good deals and will actually TELL you which coupon to use with which sale to get the best deal. The work has ALREADY been done for you -- you just have to take advantage of it.

There are 72 grocery stores listed on this site -- I'm CERTAIN there is a store listed there that is near you. There are also 7 drug stores, 2 health food stores and 3 super centers. I know that you can save some money by looking at these posts by other folks.

Here are a few examples for deals for a more discounted store that might be in your area (Save-A-Lot):

** In Septembers Flyer (got it today) it says go to to get a $15 coupon booklet !!! Here's the direct link:P & G Booklet Sign Up

** (Hormel Compleats) These are .99 at my store. One of the inserts had .75/1 in them! Makes theese only .24 a piece! YEAH!

** 32 oz. Velveeta cheese for $1 -- My Save-A-Lot has 32 oz. Velveeta cheese clearanced for $1.99. If you use the $1 q from the 8/9 SS, the OOP is .99!

It is the same with EVERY ONE of these stores. Find your store and read the deals!!

Happy Couponing (I'm determined that "couponing" is a verb -- spell check -- not so much).

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