Monday, September 21, 2009

Coupon Book at Publix

Here is another one for Publix shoppers. Even if you don't regularly shop there, drop by and pick up a savings booklet (maybe buy something there too -- it's only fair!)

Special K $10 coupon Booklet

All Coupons are Manfacturer coupons and expire 11/1/09

-$2 off Milk wyb (1) Special K Protein Shake 4pk & (1) Special K Cereal
-$2 off Store Brand Coffee wyb (1) Special K Cereal Bar or Bliss Bars & (1) Special K Cereal
(note: store coffee is the penny item through today!)
-$2 off Produce wyb (1) Special K Waffles & (1) Special K Protein Meal Bars
-$2 on Bottled Water wyb (1) Special K Crackers & (1) K2O Protein Water Mixes
-$2 on Beauty Products wyb (1) Special K Protein Shakes & (1) Special K Bliss Bar

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