Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ethics in Couponing

WOW -- never thought I'd need to write a post about this. I just got an email from Coupon Guru Kelly who indicated that Publix is now reserving the right to limit quantities on their BOGOF items. Apparently in one store, someone went in and bought 90 boxes of the trail mix. Later that same day, someone else bought 60. WHAT????

Ok, people, this needs to be said: Use some restraint in your bargain shopping. We are all in this together. I can see getting the 3 per person limit per day that most stores impose. Even if you want to go every day and get your 3, I'm ok with that too, but 90?????

Coupon Guru Kelly says it best: Couponers need to keep a good image and that is hard when we are clearing shelves and going home with 10 plus items. All good things come to a end--- lets not push it.

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