Monday, September 21, 2009

Purchasing Coupons -- Stockpiling

One of the things that I found curiously strange when I first started couponing was the concept of BUYING coupons. My friend Kelly (she really should be the one doing this blog!!) hooked me up with Coupons and Things by DeDe and I went in with her on several purchases of coupons (to save shipping).

Now, I suppose, much like me, you are thinking, "BUYING COUPONS?", isn't that defeating the purpose of saving money? Well, no, actually, it's not. I would look at the sales for the first day and figure out what was FREE (I like free, don't you?) and then order coupons that very same day for multiples. The coupons cost about $.08 each so technically my stuff then wasn't FREE, but .08 each. Can't beat that sometimes though -- especially the time I spent $1.00 for 10 coupons for FREE bags of dog food. I got ten bags of dog food for $1.00.

You will need to sign up as a new user to view all the coupons and to purchase. Go in with a friend when you order to save on shipping. I think the minimum per coupon is 5 and there will state if there is a maximum -- normally 10 per coupon. However, keep in mind MOST stores have a three coupon limit per item per trip, so you don't want to get more than you can use.

This is a great way to stockpile items that are really inexpensive or free.

Another source for purchasing coupons is Ebay. Kelly mentioned that her mom recently purchased several $.75/2 vitamin waters. They were recently $1.00 each at Harris Teeter during triples and by using these coupons, she got 30 Vitamin Waters for $5.00 (intead of $30). Be creative.

Happy Couponing!

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