Tuesday, September 22, 2009

CVS - Great Pepsi Deal

I noticed that CVS has their Pepsi 12-packs 4/$12 with $3 in ECBs, making them 4/$9. There is a limit of one per household. If you don't shop at CVS and don't have a clue what an ECB is, check out here. There is no need for me to reinvent the wheel and this is a great site to explain how CVS works.

And, another funny, funny. Found this little prayer on Faithful and Frugal Blog about the trail mix incident:

Dear God, please forgive the "trail mix hussies" today for they know not what they have done. Please bless them Lord and gently remind them that they can't take the trail mix with them when they go to meet you (which might be sooner than later ;-) and please help them to remember to play nice from now on :-) AMEN

Everyone needs a chuckle now and again!!

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